Dani Nash

from ABC: ANYTHING BUT CANVAS [July 8 to 25, 2010]

Paddleboat Ride
Oil and wood burned on plywood
36” x 24”

There is something to be said about the corn roasts and bon fires that kick off the country dance parties, the smell of pea meal bacon in the morning, and the high test in your cup of coffee. It’s in the way Uncle Eddie straps the deer stand to the top of the car, and the way my grandfather shoots the crow off his front lawn for eating the robins feed. It’s in the way the legion hall with its dart boards and wood paneling still smells like rotting whiskey, and the LCBO in town that is simply a trailer parked there for years. I have come to love Alan Jackson, Labatt 50 and four-wheel drive because this is my culture growing up in North Ontario.

My work is a reflection of my life in the bush. The low-brow photographic Imagery of drinking beers on a Sunday afternoon, or taking the Honda out for a spin is a representation of a culture that is naïve to its “bad taste”. While representing the artificiality of nature and nature itself, elements of kitsch and the clash between two esthetics are defined in the use of faux wallpaper, and plywood. The illustrative line of my wood burning technique only further establishes the vocation of my work.

Dani Nash is an art and music extraordinaire. Though living and working in Toronto, she spent most of her life in North Ontario roughing it in the bush. When not in Toronto, she keeps busy as a musician in the country music scene touring the globe with her bands.