Istvan & Christian Toth

from ABC: ANYTHING BUT CANVAS [July 8 to 25, 2010]

Like Father, Like Son A
Oil, pastel, paper and board on board
16" x 16"

Like Father, Like Son B [2010]
Oil, pastel, paper and board on board
16" x 16"


The use of different materials, mixed media, acrylic, gold leaf, metals, hand made papers and the way they are combined, primarily on canvas is very important in my work. I will always continue investigating the use of different materials and their interaction as the main process of creating art.

To challenge the viewer and question why my art is what it is, and whether or not it belongs in a gallery setting. With a background in graffiti, all of my gallery pieces stem from the urban environment and are primarily an outgrowth of my large scale contemporary murals. My street art encompasses large areas of single colors joined together with various angles beatifying an area which otherwise would remain bland and boring. Should a large single colored area exist, or a multilayered contemporary mural?


Steven Toth was born in Budapest Hungary in 1951. His interest in art was evident at a very early age. During the mid 1960’s Toronto established an independent School for Fine Arts. He was one of the students in the schools foundation, whose main focus was the fine arts.

Upon graduation Steven enrolled at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario, his main studies were illustration and painting. York University established the first degree for Fine Arts in the late 1960’s whose faculty included Ron Bloore, Dennis Burton, Claude Breeze and Vera Frankel.

Steven became a student there in 1972; leaving numerous occasions during this time to explore the different styles and techniques offered by other schools. He studied in Europe, at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, the Budapest Museum School of Fine Arts as well as the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts.

Steven’s early influence was the European classical period of art- works by Rembrandt, and Vermeer as well as the Impressionists and modern artists such as Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, and Graham Coughtry. The varied techniques and subject matter of these artists greatly influenced Steven’s works.

The combination of different materials, metals, gold leaf, acrylics and collages eventually led to his Pyramid series. These creative works incorporated the use of numerous mediums and techniques applied around a three-sided Pyramid motif. This period of work culminated in the late 1980’s. His works were included in various corporate and private collections throughout North America and Europe.

Toth’s ongoing research into the use of varied materials and methods of application is best represented in his latest series, the Kimono Landscape. These creative works incorporate familiar materials used in the past. Metals, gold leaf and mixed media are still widely used, but now, handmade papers are included in part of the process.

The new works incorporate handmade Japanese papers acquired from around the world, creating soft and tactile three-dimensional collages in relief. The imagery and application of materials are meant to represent growth, harmony, and balance. The flat service plane now becomes a sculpture and painting simultaneously, making the work truly unique.

SECTR has been actively involved in the graffiti art World since 1995. He grew up in two cities, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and Manhattan, New York City. He has traveled and painted throughout Europe, South America, China, South East Asia, North America, and the Caribbean. He is one of the founding members of the graffiti based crew HW, co-founder of FYPT along with MC Ghettosocks, and a member of PM.

In 1997 Sectr co-founded Lounge37 growing to become one of North Americas' top urban-art web sites and eventually developing its own clothing line. During 2003 Sectr grew RSF, (Rail Side Films), into a fully functional urban-art video production company producing a number of award winning urban art documentaries such as Transition, and Reefer Madness. He has been featured in numerous books, magazines, and newspapers, and has transferred his graffiti interests into areas such as gallery shows, websites, businesses, and music party events.

Currently, Sectr is focusing on producing work for art galleries and continuing to paint graffiti globally.