Kathy Toth

from ABC: ANYTHING BUT CANVAS [July 8 to 25, 2010]

Reverse Liquidity #1
Enamel and acrylic on glass
17” x 21”

Working between two seemingly different disciplines, my visual arts practice attempts to bridge my interests in human psychology and emotions, history, personal experience, and visual expression into works of art. I am engaged in exploring and capturing the very basis, salient emotions that are universally understood across the barriers of language, culture and economics which are timeless. Subject matter that is generally neglected, forgotten, and ephemeral are areas I enjoy examining since we generally fail to find value in the simple things right in front of us. Whether it’s the more mysterious colors, forms, and patterns I paint, or the more direct photography I practice, I aim for my work to engage the viewer on an emotional or intellectual level to pose further questions and examination.

For over a decade, Kathy has been exploring different mediums to express herself with. Receiving formal training in the visual arts and later developing her style in street art 15 years ago, she gravitated toward more abstract work that allowed her to bring together the many influences which shape her consciousness. Her photography also incorporates these themes into her work, with more focus being on public spaces and experiences versus her paintings that are more private. Themes that interest her include psychology, industry, social norms and complexities and the tensions that arise when these are contrasted together. Comfortable with a wide range of media, Kathy currently works in painting and photography and continues experiments with unconventional mediums and concepts exploring unconventional subject matter.