SECTR as Christian Toth [Metamorphosis, Continental Drift]

February 11 thru March 5, 2010
Opening Thursday February 11, 6-11PM
Closing featuring live art March 5, 7-11PM

Installation Overview:

Canvas Detail:

   Metamorphosis I  32"x36"  $1400

   Metamorphosis II  32"x36"  $1500

   Metamorphosis III  32"x36"  $1500

Metamorphosis IV  32"x36"  $1400

  Metamorphosis V  30"x40"  $1500

  Metamorphosis VI  30"x40"  SOLD

  Metamorphosis VII  32"x36"  SOLD

 Metamorphosis VIII  32"x36"  $1500

SECTR has been actively involved in the graffiti art world since 1995.  He grew up in two cities, Halifax and Manhattan. He has traveled and painted throughout Europe, South America, China, South East Asia, North America and the Caribbean. Sectr is one of the founding members of the graffiti based crew HW, co-founder of FYPT along with MC Ghettosocks and a member of PM.

In 1997, Sectr co-founded Lounge37, growing to become one of North America's top urban-art web sites and eventually developing its own clothing line.  During 2003, Sectr grew Rail Side Films [RSF] into a fully functional urban art video production company producing a number of award winning urban art documentaries such as Transition and Reefer Madness. His work has been featured in numerous books, magazines and newspapers and has transferred his graffiti interests into areas such as gallery shows, websites, businesses and music party events.

Currently, Sectr is based out of Toronto and continues to paint graffiti globally.