Tammi Campbell

from ABC: ANYTHING BUT CANVAS [July 8 to 25, 2010]

Hard Edge [2010]
Acrylic paint on paper
77” x 30”


My practice is focused on un-packing and re-packing the tropes of modernism to open up new possibilities and to rediscover what may have been left behind. Rather than viewing modernist painting as a static history, I see it as open to change. I am exploring the legacy of Modernism by reinterpreting the artifact. In my Hard-Edge series I am taking apart, re-making, and engaging in a collaborative construction of the history of modernist painting. Masking tape is used as a symbol by referencing its historical use as a painterly tool. I use a trompe-l'oeil technique to create uncanny representations of masking tape with acrylic paint.


Tammi Campbell is a visual artist based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Her practice is primarily concerned with painting. Most recently, she participated in Plug In ICA’s inaugural "Summer School" residency in Winnipeg, MB. In her latest work, Campbell employs the mechanics of modernist painting--its materials, tools, vernacular, and focus on the formal elements of painting--to shift meanings and materials into new forms. Campbell holds a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan.