Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Press: - Snowball Gallery Comes Full Circle

Snowball Gallery comes full circle.
Alison Snowball opened Snowball Gallery on Queen Street West a year ago. The gallery is holding its final exhibition, 'One Year Lease [Not for Sale]', until Saturday. Staff photo/ERIN HATFIELD

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Monday, October 11, 2010

October at Snowball Gallery & Workshop


October 2010

In these next few weeks, past, present, and future coalesce to form the final show here at Snowball Gallery & Workshop.

I opened the gallery with an installation called One Year Lease - introducing the space itself as an art work in progress. Since, it has played host to art and artists of all kinds, spanning more than a dozen shows, numerous workshops and special events. Now, one year later, the project reaches its natural conclusion with One Year Lease [Not For Sale] - a group exhibition, highlighting pieces from shows past plus new works from artists past.

With endings known in the beginning
With scenarios certain from the start
Here is one look
Into space and time and art
And for those who can't stop staring
A glimpse perhaps
Into the depths of heart

Works by Donovan Davis, Shlomi Greenspan, Christofer Hutch, MT Lawlor, Aaron Li-Hill, Nicholas Menzies, Dani Nash, Christian Toth, Studio 1:1, Shawn Skeir, and Alison Snowball
October 21 to 30, 2010
Closing reception on Thursday, October 28, 7 to 11PM

As for the future, I will be maintaining the gallery site and am planning art projects beyond these four walls - come by the reception for special announcements - I do hope you can join me one last time here to say goodbye and welcome the change.

Enjoy the weekend,

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September at Snowball Gallery & Workshop


September 2010

As we head into Labour Day weekend - that one which traditionally demarcates the end of summer and the beginning of school or work or any other occupation - I can't help but feel that there really are no ends and beginnings, just one big middle. On the notion, poet Robert Frost wrote: "We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows."

If your middle takes place in the city this weekend, come check out the Organic Streetscape Projekt, a multimedia collaboration of Ukrainian and Canadian artists and musicians meant to serve as a dialogue on Ukrainian identity in the two countries.

At month's middle, the workshop is pleased to be teaming up again with Primary Colors to present a stellar lineup of musical acts the evening of September 16th - topping the bill is Deakin of the acclaimed Animal Collective.

Outside of the aforementioned events, the gallery will be closed the rest of the month. Not to fear though, the art will go on. Going up in the front window next week is Lost & Found, a window installation dedicated to my mother, Margie Snowball, as my family and I at once mourn her recent passing and celebrate her amazing life.

Here are all the details:

Multimedia collaboration of Ukrainian and Canadian artists and musicians
September 2 to 5, 2010
Reception on Thursday, September 2, 7 to 11PM w/ live band Ludy Dobri [Ukraine]

Mixed media window installation by Alison Snowball
September 8 to 30, 2010

Primary Colors presents music by Deakin, Prince Rama, Tasseomancy, and Doldrums
Plus video installations by David F.M. Hanes and Neelam Kler
Thursday, September 16, 8:30PM

Take good care,

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Postcard: Some Like It Hot: Reduxing the Pin-Up

SOME LIKE IT HOT: REDUXING THE PIN-UP opens tomorrow, Thursday August 5, with a reception from 7 to 11 PM

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Press Release: Snowball Gallery & Workshop presents SOME LIKE IT HOT: REDUXING THE PIN-UP




TORONTO [July 16, 2010] Snowball Gallery & Workshop is pleased to present SOME LIKE IT HOT: REDUXING THE PIN-UP, a mixed media installation by Mary Theresa Lawlor. The show opens Thursday, August 5, 2010 with a reception from 7-11 PM. The exhibition will run through Sunday, August 29, 2010.

Though the art form of the pin-up may be most typically associated with the 1940s and 50s, early examples can be traced to the late 19th century. Throughout its history and into present day - whether in the form of a drawing or a photo - whether on a postcard, a calendar, or a magazine - the pin-up depicts idealized notions of beauty and attractiveness. Pen and ink, illustrated stories of The Gibson Girl by Charles Dana Gibson mark an early example. Forty years later, Betty Grable posters were 'pinned-up' to WWII GI bunks. While women have long been the pin-up subject, in the more recent past and today, men take their place alongside - think the fictitious Don Draper or the real Brad Pitt.

Aiming to trace this evolution, Mary Theresa Lawlor's Reduxing the Pin-Up consists of animating photographs, objects, and ephemera using contemporary media - such as the oversized copy machine and window crayons.

Mary Theresa Lawlor is an artist, teacher and collector. Her documentary photographs are in the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa and John Hopkins Universtiy Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Snowball Gallery & Workshop is located in Toronto’s Parkdale Village at 1690 Queen Street West, just east of Roncesvalles. The gallery is open Thursdays & Fridays from 1-7PM and Saturdays & Sundays from 12-6PM. More information about gallery programming and events can be found at or by calling 416.456.4966.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photos: ABC: Anything But Canvas Installed


Works pictured here by Aaron Li-Hill, Carlo Allarde, and Tony Yin Tak Chu.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photos: ABC: Anything But Canvas Installed

Works pictured here [L to R]  Tony Yin Tak Chu, Kathy Toth, Derek Power, Christofer Hutch, Istvan & Christian Toth, Shawn Skeir and Dani Nash.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Photos: ABC: Anything But Canvas Installed

Friday, July 16, 2010

Photos: ABC: Anything But Canvas Installed

Monday, July 12, 2010

CataBlog: ABC: Anything But Canvas

ABC: Anything But Canvas is now open and runs until Sunday, July 25th.
Click on the photos to bring up details about the artist and the work.